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Stihl MS 361 Chainsaw Review

They no longer produce the Stihl MS 361. Just like the MS 361 replaced the MS 360, now the MS 362 has replaced the MS 361.

The original 036 was introduced by Stihl in the 1990s. The 036 is a monster in its own rights with a 61.5 cc engine boasting 4.4 horsepower. Just like nearly every model, the 036 had variations including AV for anti-vibration, E for electronic, and Q for the Quickstop™ chain braking system.

In 2001 the modeling system changed and the 036 became the MS 360.

In April of 2004 Stihl introduced the MS 361 and MS 361 C-Q as immediate replacements for the old MS 360. The MS 361 boasted the best power to weight ratio in its class – it kept the 4.4 horsepower (59 cc displacement), but reduced its weight to 12.3 pounds for the power head only (12.6 for the MS 361 C-Q).

The MS 361 came with newly designed anti-vibration and filtering systems. The MS 361 C-Q also came with the ElastoStart™ handle and the QS dual braking system.

In March of 2010 Stihl introduced the MS 362 and MS 362 C-Q as the new inheritors of the old 036 mantle.

Fans of the 036, MS 360, and MS 361 will be happy to know that these saws will be available online in working, used condition for decades to come. Stihl makes their chain saws to last and there will always be companies still running the MS 361 chain saw – just like there are companies still running the old 036.