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Stihl MS 250 Chainsaw Review

The Stihl MS 250 was first introduced by in 1993 as the older model number 025. It has a 45.4 cubic centimeter engine (2.77 cubic inches) and 3 horsepower while weighing in at only 10 pounds (MS 250 C-BE weighs closer to 11 pounds).

Having been placed in between the MS 240 and the MS 260 in model numbers, many people might assume that the MS 250 is also a professional use chain saw. However, the MS 250 is actually the most powerful occasional use chain saw currently manufactured by Stihl.

The MS 250 is small enough and light enough to be used for clearing up and cleaning up your property, but it also packs enough power for the larger jobs of small to medium sized branches and trees. Although this is not a chain saw to take with you out into the woods, it is a good lawn service and landscapers saw.

Stihl MS 2500

Stihl calls the MS 250 C-BE their "top of the line occasional use chain saw." The MS 250 C-BE includes the toolless quick chain adjuster (QCA, the "B" in the model number) and the Easy2Start™ system (the "E" in the model number).

The MS 250 is selling for $300.00 with a 16 inch bar. You can add another $50 to the price for the ease of the MS 250 C-BE ($350.00). The used MS 250 still pulls in $150.00 to $250.00 online so you can see how much the Stihl name retains its value. MS 250 chain saws for spare parts are selling for over $100.00 online.