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Stihl MS 240 Chainsaw Review

You cannot purchase the Stihl MS 240 new in the United States. The website does not even list the MS 240 - and their catalogs do not show the model number as even existing. When I called an authorized Stihl dealer in the USA, he told me there was no such thing as the MS 240.

Well, the MS 240 does exist and if you are fortunate to live in a country where it is sold, you can purchase one. (There are not even any used MS 240s on The MS 240 is listed on as selling from £ 564.00 to £ 582.00 with a 32 to 40 cm bar.

The older version 024 was renamed the MS 240 when Stihl changed their model number system. The MS 240 is the smallest professional chain saw manufactured by Stihl. The “extremely durable petrol chain saw for forestry” is how Stihl describes the 4.7 kg professional chain saw.

The MS 240 comes with all the new safety features as well as the anti-vibration system. There is an optional hedge trimmer attachment also.

If you want a professional grade chain saw and also want something light and manageable, then the MS 240 is the right chain saw for you! Just hope you live in the right place so that you can actually purchase it!

If you are in the United States or another unlucky country where the MS 240 is not available, you can either purchase a used 024 or consider the MS 260. There is a model MS 250, but it is an occasional use chain saw and not a professional one.