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Stihl MS 230 Chainsaw Review

The only version of the Stihl MS 230 (and the original 023 model number) currently available from Stihl is the MS 230 C-BE Duro. This is the only chain saw on that comes standard with the Stihl PICCO™ Duro saw chain.

The 40.2 cubic centimeter (2.45 cubic inches) displacement and 2.5 horsepower make this occasional use chain saw the second most powerful in that line. It is very good for home use and can be used for the smaller jobs of clearing and storm clean up as well as the larger jobs of trimming branches and taking down small trees..

As well as the PICCO™ Duro saw chain (which increases edge life by as much as four times), the MS 230 C-BE Duro includes the quick chain adjuster (QCA) and the Easy2Start™ system. This chain saw truly is designed with the comfort and ease of its owner in mind.

With a 16 inch to 20 inch blade available, this saw can really handle more than just the simple every day jobs. Do not be afraid to pull it out and put it to work for you!

With a 16 inch blade the MS 230 C-BE Duro retails for $349.95. However, a used 023 can be purchased in the $100 - $150 price range and the MS 230 are still selling in the $300 - $350 range. MS 230 being sold for parts are generating as much as $85.00. This tells you the overall value of these saws!

I would really like to hear from any one who owns an MS 230. I am looking to find out how your saw performs against the ms 250 or even the old 023 that the 230 replaced. You can do so by submitting your review via the following link. My MS 230 Stihl chainsaw review.