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Stihl MS 211 Chainsaw Review

The Stihl MS 211 is one of only three chain saws rated for occasional use that Stihl has manufactured with their new “Caring for Nature” seal. What you are getting here is essentially a more environmentally friendly version of the old 021 or MS 210 models.

When I first started out using chain saws I have to say that I really liked the old MS 210 chain saw. For me personally, I was able to do just about anything, from limbing trees to cutting small diameter branches for firewood. Just lately I bought the 211 and at first glance I am very impressed

The MS 211 has the same 35.2 cc engine with slightly increased horse power at 2.3. It weighs only nine and a half pounds and it can take anywhere from a 12 to 16 inch blade.

The MS 211 C-BE version comes with the Easy2Start® system and the Quick Chain Adjuster (QCA). The Easy2Start® system makes it nearly effortless to start the chain saw. The Quick Chain Adjuster and toolless filler caps are what make this chain saw truly a breeze to maintain.

The “Caring for Nature” seal means a lower emission engine as well as a pre-separated air filtration system, resulting in longer run times before the filter must be changed.

The positives when considering a new MS 211 Stihl:

Environmentally conscious chain saw!

Powerful engine while still being considered an occasional use chain saw.

The bar can be 12 inches to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm).

Standard with the newest safety features.

However, there is one particular negative and that is simply price. At $300.00, the price is a bit steep and you cannot really get them used for much less. After shipping you will have paid about $300 anyway, so you might as well buy new.