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Stihl MS 181 Chainsaw Review

The Stihl MS 181 (introduced in May of 2009) is the environmentally friendly version of the MS 180 chainsaw. They both have the 31.8 cubic centimeter engine with 2 horsepower. The MS 180 was first introduced in 1999 as the 018.

Stihl chain saws go green! The new line of occasional use chain saws by Stihl (with the MS 181 as the centerpiece) have engine emissions 70 percent lower than previous models and up to 20 percent less fuel consumption. The MS 171, MS 181, and MS 211 all carry the new Stihl “Caring for Nature” seal.

The powerhead of the MS 181 weighs only 9.5 pounds. That makes this ideal for the occasional user as well as a woman’s chain saw or a chain saw to be used by the older generation. If the MS 170 or MS 171 does not seem to have enough power, then the MS 181 may be perfect for you.

The MS 181 comes standard with the new reduced emission engine technology, Intellicarb™ carburetor, pre-separation filtration system, as well as the typical features on all occasional use Stihl chain saws and all common safety features.

This is a great chain saw for storm clean up and property maintenance, especially for the environmentally conscious owner. The catch is the additional 30% you are going to pay in price. You can leave the Stihl dealership with a brand new MS 180 for $200.00, but the MS 181 is going to set you back $260.00.

If you own an MS 181 Stihl or any other Stihl chainsaw you can write your own personal chainsaw review here