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Stihl 090 Chainsaw Review

The Stihl 090 model chain saw enjoyed only moderate success for two major reasons. The first being, its over powered engine meant that it was best suited for heavy duty, professional usage. Second of all, 2) It was very cumbersome in terms of both size as well as weight making a less than favourable choice for amateur work or light duties.

The Stihl range of chain saws has enjoyed a strong reputation among its fan base, thanks to the high quality and sturdy nature of the chain saws. Because the company is forever updating their product line so as to ensure that they are providing the customer with the best possible product, this means that models of Stihl chainsaws that were strong market contenders previously quickly become vintage.

What is really remarkable about these vintage models is that they give the most cutting edge products sold both by the Stihl Company along with their competitors a major run for their money. The only exception to this would be the Stihl Model 090 which is a powerful beast that could handle the demands of any major tree felling operation quickly and with ease.

Please note that this Stihl model also has a major achilles heel associated with it. It does not actually include a chain break facility and so if caution is not used, and then there is a risk that severe injury or even death maybe inflicted as a result. Because the Stihl Model 090 has been superseded by more advanced models this means that the availability of spare parts as well as mechanics that can and will repair it are limited.

Having been a proud owner of many different Stihl chainsaws I would really like to hear what you have to say about this particular model or any other make chainsaw by writing your own Chainsaw Review Here