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Stihl 084 Chainsaw Review

Things come and go. Take for example, the Stihl 084 chainsaw which first burst into the market in the 1980s, and was no longer in production only a few years later. There had been a moratorium declared on both the production as well as the retailing of the 084 Stihl chain saw, and so if consumers wanted to acquire this particular model then they would need to acquire it second hand.

The 084 is still available online. There are usually a few each month on eBay. They sell for around $500 or so - depending on condition. The 084 is in a class with the 075, 076, 088, and 090. These chain saws are professional use chain saws and they are beasts and more than capable of getting the job done without a sweat. The 084 for instance has a 122 cubic centimeter engine

The closest chain saw that Stihl makes today that can compare to the 084 is the MS 880 Magnum with a 121.6 cubic centimeter engine and 8.6 horse power.

If you live in Canada or happen to live in the States but know someone you can trust, then you may interested to know that it is easier to acquire spare parts for the 084 in Canada than it is within the US. Therefore, if you do have your heart set on acquiring a 084 Stihl chainsaw then you should make use of this process to help speed things up for yourself.

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