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Stihl 076 Chainsaw Review

The Stihl 076 was introduced in 1980 and has the same size engine displacement as the 075 (111 cubic centimeters and 7 horse power). The 076 (and 075 for that matter) is an incredibly powerful chain saw and is used exclusively by professionals.

It would seem that the 076 chainsaw model suffered from the Stihl curse: it is significantly over powered, and therefore this makes it impractical for every day, light usage. It would seem then, that its astronomically high purchase price is as a result of this quirky fact and so many chainsaw collectors (yes, there are such people) wish to own it more for investment/collection purposes rather than for actual usage. Given that the 076 can fetch a price as high as $2,000 this is a fairly steep price to pay just to get some firewood!

You will not be using a Stihl 076 around your home or on your farm - unless your farm is in Alaska. The chain saw is heavy and very powerful and will most definitely be used by actual milling companies.

Although I did not own the 076 model, I did have the pleasure of owning the 075. I ran this saw with a 36" Oregon guide bar and chain to cut oak. The oak that I was cutting was very dirty old stumps that had been lying in a bog land for many years. Let me tell you that this timber was very hard, but with the power of the 075 I was able to cut through the wood in no time. I kept an eye on the chippings coming off the back of the saw to make sure that they were long, this way I could tell the saw was still sharp.

Having worked with chainsaws most of my life I can tell you that in my opinion you will not beat the older model Stihl chainsaws. I would not trade my 075 for any of the recent models.