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Stihl 070 Chain Saw Review

Can you say "monster," because that is what the Stihl 070 chain saw is - an absolute monster! Is it any wonder that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre became such a cult hit with chain saws such as this running around free? The 070 was first introduced in the year 1968. It comes with a 106 cubic centimeter engine and has 6.5 horse power. The 60 inch bar in incredible. Expect to pay well over $1,000 for a used 070 Stihl today.

When I worked for a logging company in the 1980s, we had three different 070s. One of them was using the 60 inch bar. These three chain saws were easily the favourites out of all the ones that we could choose from. They were a lot of fun to use for short periods of time. The drawbacks were that they were load and they were heavy.

However, it seems that the 070 model is no longer in vogue as a result of the level of emissions that it produces and as such, there are rumors that the Stihl company along with its agents and franchises are restricting the sale of the 070 models to a narrow range of countries across the world such as Brazil where the legislation concerning emissions is not quite as severe or rigidly defined. If you are planning on purchasing one from abroad, and will be required to import it, then you may have a hard time doing so.

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