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Stihl 024 Chainsaw Review

The Stihl 024 chainsaw became the MS 240 after the company changed its model numbering system. The 024 was the smallest professional chain saw made by Stihl. Today the MS 240 is not available in the United States. I was able to find it on Stihl's UK website for £564.00 with a 13 inch bar, £578.00 with a 15 inch bar, and £582.00 with a 16 inch bar.

In the United States I was able to find used 024s for between $120 and $160. A few models in superior condition were going for as high as $220 - $240. This included the 024 AV and AVS. There was not a single listing for the MS 240 that I could find. The 024 has a 41.6 cc engine and 2.9 horsepower. It weighs about 10 pounds, so this makes it pretty easy to handle for using it for your odd jobs around the home or farm.

Some pros to purchasing a 024 are:

Small and light, yet still a professional grade chain saw.
Great power for a small chain saw.
Stihl chain saws will always keep their value no matter how old it is, just as long as its in good condition.

The cons to purchasing a 024 are:

The MS 240 which replaced the 024 is not available in the United States.
Does not come with the newer safety features.