Stihl 024 Chainsaw Review

 The Stihl 024 chainsaw became the MS 240 after the company changed its model numbering system.

The 024 was the smallest professional chain saw made by Stihl. Today the MS 240 is not available in the United States.

I was able to find it on Stihl's UK website for £564.00 with a 13 inch bar,  £578.00 with a 15 inch bar, and  £582.00 with a 16 inch bar.

 In the United States I was able to find used 024s for between $120 and $160.

A few models in superior condition were going for as high as $220 - $240. This included the 024 AV and AVS. There was not a single listing for the MS 240 that I could find.

The 024 has a 41.6 cc engine and 2.9 horsepower. It weighs about 10 pounds, so this makes it pretty easy to handle for using it for your odd jobs around the home or farm.

Some Pros And Cons With The Stihl 024

Lets start with some pros.

The chain saw is quite small and light, yet still feels like a real professional grade saw.

For it being such a small chainsaw it has an adequate  amount of power.

Because the Stihl brand has such a good reputation, if you keep this saw in good condition you will have no problem selling it on for a reasonable amount of money .

The Cons.

With this saw being replaced by the MS 240, you will find it harder to get parts. Also the 240 is unavailable in the United States.

Does not come fitted with some of the modern chain saw safety features.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering buying a second hand 024 Stihl I would say go for it. In my honest opinion they are a very reliable chain saw.

If you are only going to be using your chainsaw for small jobs around the home or farm, the 024 will prove to be very useful.

The types of jobs the 024 is able to take on is limbing branches on apple trees, felling trees for firewood that has a diameter no greater than 12 ". I find that if you go into the larger diameter trees the saw tends to lose a lot of power.

If you think you are going to be using your saw for felling trees with a larger circumference, maybe it is time to consider the more advanced MS 250.


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