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Stihl 010 Chainsaw Review

Introduced in 1978, the Stihl 010 chainsaw is pretty rare these days. The 010 AV has anti-vibration and the 010 AVQ has the quickstop brake. The engine is 37 cubic centimetres.

The 010 model chain saw is a gasoline fuelled chain saw and as such there are a number of small but fundamentally crucial details that the operator must be aware of when using it. This is necessary in order to prevent both damage to the chainsaw itself and damage to the user. The 010 chainsaw contains a two stroke engine and this requires the input of both gasoline as well as engine oil in order to provide the requisite amount of energy for the chainsaw to work.

There is a tendency among novice chainsaw operators when using this chainsaw for the first time to automatically assume that while care must be taken with the gasoline, the engine oil is nowhere nearly as pressing. This is a very dangerous mentality to adopt indeed and care must be taken with both.

Remember to never use high octane gasoline - regular only. Also, never used any old oil for lubrication - it does not lube well enough.

It is certainly possible to find the 010 model for sale in local shops and online, but it is not easy. A recent look at eBay only showed one working 010 AV up for auction. When checking past auctions, there was only one sold, but it went for under $100.

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