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Solo Chainsaws Are A Good Buy

Solo chainsaws are not as popular as some of the more well known makes of saws, but let me tell you, when it comes to you needing raw power and strength to get that chord of timber sawed a Solo chain saw will not let you down. If you are home owner or if you own or maintain a small farm, Solo have built a couple of chain saws that are for semi professional users.

Take for example the Solo 681-28 28-Inch 80.7cc 6.4 HP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Commercial Grade Chain Saw, this is a saw that has a 20" bar a 6.4 horse power 2 stroke engine that will do damage to any over grown trees or hedges. This chainsaw is so popular because Solo has went out of their way to make the maintenance as easy as possible. For example it comes with the ease dial chain tightening system. There is also the SOLO quick-stop chain brake, which is triggered automatically by the front hand shield in case of strong kick-back. The 681 is also fitted with a highly effective anti vibration system which makes it very comfortable and safe to use. Every home owner needs a good reliable chainsaw that is why the Solo 681 was built.

The Solo company was founded by two brothers, Hans and Heinz Emmerich in 1948. They began to develop a small two stoke engine with the intention to power small portable machines. Weighing only 14.3 pounds or 6.48 Kilogram it was able to produce an incredible 1.2 hp. The two brothers continued on with the development of mist blowers, lawn mowers and cultivators to name a few. In 1977 the Solo company signed a three year contract with Husqvarna to supply chain saws to consumers. These chainsaws were sold wordwide under the Husqvarna name with private labels.

If you are thinking of buying any of the Solo chainsaws offered, their is quite a good range to suit every ones needs. The range starts with the 635-14. This is the smallest Solo chainsaw available today. It comes with a 2 year warranty, the engine size is 36.3 cc which knocks out 1.9 HP. This saw will cost you around 249.95 USD.

Stihl MS 880

At the other end of the spectrum their is the 675-20, this is a 76 cc engine with a 5.6 HP engine. Once again the saw comes with a two year warranty, it also has the usual safety features like the anti vibration system. The 675 comes with a 20" guide bar and chain. The 675 will cost you around the 949.95 USD mark. See what other people have to say about the Solo 675-28 28-Inch 74.6cc 5.9 HP 2-Stroke Gas Powered Commercial Grade Chain Saw