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Husqvarna 357 XP Professional Chain Saw

If you purchase the Husqvarna 357 XP chainsaw you have bought the second largest in the Huskie professional range. The 357 xp has features like the magnesium crankcase, air injection which gets rid of larger pieces of debris or saw dust before it reaches the air filter. The saw is fitted with an adjustable oil pump which allows you to determine oil flow for different types of wood or if you are using the saw in harsh weather conditions. My most favorable feature to this saw is the fact that it comes with a quick release air filter, this makes life very easy if you need the filter cleaned or replaced quickly.

If you are looking for a high performance chain saw but at the same time a lighter saw, the 357 has a fantastic power to weight ratio. The only issue that I find is, after a cold start the saw would tend to bog down a little bit. Once the saw gets going though, you will find that it will have no problem whatsoever, The 357 xp will have ho problem cutting up a few chords of wood a year.

Fitted with a 16" bar this saw will run extremely fast, in fact you will feel pretty scared to pull full throttle on this baby. You will find that it will be a real shredder. Same thing applies if your saw is fitted with a 20" bar, it will get the upper end when it comes to hardwood. In fact it can more than adequately handle this type of wood. This saws 4.4 h.p. and, at under 13 lbs in power head weight, spooling up to around 14,000 rpm's, this is one hell of a chain saw.

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