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Best Homelite Chainsaws

Out of all the Homelite chainsaws manufactured today there is one that stands out as being the best seller or most popular in the range. Surprisingly it is not one of the more powerful gas powered chainsaws, it is Homelite's electric chainsaw, model number UT43100 which comes with a 9amp motor and a 14" guide bar and chain. This chainsaw is popular because of its lightweight powerhead (7.8 lbs.) if, or when you decide to buy the 43100 you will be glad to hear that the chainsaw comes fully assembled and also comes with a two year guarantee. There is also a 16" model available if you feel that you need a longer guide bar for larger diameter trees.

What about when it comes to the gas powered chainsaws that Homelite offer? Available today there is a 14" 35cc chainsaw, a 16" 38cc chainsaw and a 18" 42cc chainsaw. These are all rear handled chainsaws and are primarily used for cutting larger diameter trees, form, lets say about 12" to 18" in diameter.

I often get asked the question. Are Homelite chain saws any good? well to be honest, in my opinion I would prefer them to a Poulan or the Jenn Feng McCulloch chainsaws any day. I can tell you that they offer a pretty good 33cc model that is more than capable of doing any light job around the home. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a chainsaw, you can pick up a good second hand Homelite on Ebay or Craigslist or some other auction site.

Homelite 33cc Chain Saw

I came across one of their 33cc saws on Ebay and managed to purchase it. I can tell you from experience that this is a good (second chainsaw) to have at your finger tips. The saw that I managed to pick up was a ranger, I am running an 16" bar and chain on it, which is ideal for limbing small trees with about a 12" to 14" diameter

If you are thinking that I am going to be sawing larger diameter trees, I highly recommend that you choose a different make and model chain saw, something like the Stihl MS 280 or the Husqvarna 353. Believe me when I tell you any one of these two chain saws are more than sufficient to fell trees of 18". I would try running an 20" guide bar and 3/8 chain.

If you are still thinking that you want to stick with a Homelite chainsaw with greater power. Homelite do offer a professional grade saw. The UT10520 is a professional 46cc 2-cycle engine chainsaw that is fitted with a 20" guide bar and chain. All Homelite chainsaws are fitted with tool-less chain pensioning which makes adjustments and replacements easy.

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