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Dolmar Chainsaws - Power In Your Hands

Dolmar chainsaws founder Emil Lerp got the brand name for his chainsaws while testing his type A saw on Mount Dolmar in the Thüringer forest. Developed in 1927 it required two men to operate, because of its extra value weight of 125lbs.

Dolmar is one of the oldest, original petrol chainsaw manufactures. Their range consists of the Dolmar 109 a 5.2kg 2.00 kW/2.80 HP chainsaw which is the smallest in the range. There is also a heavy duty or professional line which goes right up to the Dolmar PS-9010, a 8.20 kg, 4.90 kW/6.70 HP monster of a saw.

If you are considering purchasing a Dolmar chainsaw I am going to give you a quick run down in what some of their chainsaw models are capable of. For example, if you are a land owner or you have a small farm where you would be using your Dolmar quite often for firewood or to clean up some area for fencing. Dolmar offer the PS 350 chain saw. This is a 13500 max RPM, 2.0 hp saw that comes complete with a 14" guide bar and chain, there is also the option of adding a 16" guide bar for the larger diameter trees.

To be honest I would not be a real big fan of Dolmar chainsaws but from what I have been told by other users, this is a really powerful saw that will not leave you disappointed. I have been told that the ps 350 is a very easy chainsaw to tweak and comes with many good features such as the mag case, lateral chain tensioning and safety matic chain brake.

Dolmar leave no stones unturned when it comes to the manufacturing of chain saws. For the lady's, the rare or occasional user, Dolmar offer the ES-173 A electric chainsaw which can be really handy in round the home or garden. It is a 2600 max RPM, 14 amp, 5.2kg chainsaw that can be used for cutting smaller diameter trees around 8" to 12" for firewood for your stove or Rayburn.

Dolmar PS 9010

What about someone who works in the forestry or logging industry. Well once again Dolmar do not fail to deliver. What I like to call the daddy in the Dolmar chainsaw range, the PS-9010 is the largest gas powered chainsaw that has to offer. It comes complete with optional guide bars of 20, 24, 28 and 32 inch respectively. The saw comes with the normal safety features like the double anchored hand protector and the optimized vibration damping system. I am not ashamed to say that this chainsaw deserves a five star rating when it comes to sheer power and reliability.

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