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Stihl Chainsaw Reviews For All Older Model Chainsaws

Read our chainsaw reviews on all Stihl's older model chainsaws. Every model from the 009 to the 028 to the 084 needs to be reviewed and documented - and not just the different model numbers, but the many manifestations of the model numbers as well.

The Andreas Stihl company loves to talk about their over two hundred (and counting) models of chain saws. In a way, that number is not entirely fair. In 2001, Stihl changed their modeling system and every Stihl chain saw received a new model number. The 017, 026, and 039 became the MS 170 chainsaw, MS 260, and the MS 390 for example.

This has created havoc for the last 10 years online and in the used chain saw market. Often times older chainsaws are advertised with the newer model number in an effort to create a higher selling price. Furthermore, some of the savvier chain saw sellers (and collectors) will market a newer chain saw with the older model number in a belief that the older models were manufactured better.

From a reviewer’s point of view, each version of a chain saw must be looked at separately. Even chain saws that have no outward model change may need to be reviewed twice because occasionally the specifications would change. Consider the 028 AV, this chain saw was first manufactured in 1977 – then in 1979 the 028 AV was changed and this version is referred to often as the “type 2.” There are also the piston and cylinder improvements on the 044 in 2000 as another example. Granted, Stihl is notorious for changing the bore (or something similar) on a chain saw and then manufacturing it as a “Super” model or some such - see the 020 Super, 034 Super, 043 Super, and the 056 Super as examples.

If you are looking for Stihl chainsaw reviews Consider all the different versions of the 041 or 045 for example: 041, 041 AV, 041 AVE Super, 041 Farm Boss, 041 G, etc 045, 045 AV, 045 AVE, 045 AVSE, 045 AVE Super II, etc

Below are some more chainsaw reviews from Stihl users, see waht you think!

You could study reviews on these two models alone for quite some time. Yet if there are not separate reviews, how will you get quality information. There is no way that you can read a review about the 041 AV and have the information you need for the 041 G.

Stihl is constantly changing their product. From my research on different chainsaw reviews I can tell you that they make these changes based on three factors:

1. Safety. Have you noticed that most of the older models have an AV version? This is a result of advances in safety. The anti-vibration system was developed to help reduce user fatigue. The newer models will not have any AV designations, of course, because all new chain saws have advanced anti-vibration systems. The same is true for the “Q” Quickstop chain brake system.

2. Technology. Stihl chain saws are getting lighter and more powerful. Every time there is a new technology that will allow Stihl to make their chain saws lighter and/or more powerful, they are going to implement it. If you recall, Stihl created the electric chain saw first (1926); however, he did not stop there as the gasoline powered chainsaw came next (1929). Stihl will always make new chain saws as technology allows.

3. User Feedback. This is more of a modern example, but the top handled arborists saws that Stihl is now manufacturing are a good example of user feedback as the arborists wanted a better way to use the chain saws in the trees. The anti-vibration system fits in with this category as well. You will notice that the three categories that I mentioned above are inter-related. The user wants a lighter chain saw, lighter chain saws are generally safer, and technology advances enough that modifications can be made to lighten the chain saw. However, if you study the ever changing world of Stihl chainsaws, you will find that my insight proves true time and time again.