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Avoid The Dangers Of Chainsaw Kickback

Chainsaw kickback is a very common occurrence in chainsaw use, especially if the operator has not been properly trained in the correct use of the saw. To avoid the dangers of your chainsaw kicking on you, I highly recommend that you follow the manufactures instructions to the last detail. If you follow their instructions you will cut the risk of your saw kicking substantially.

Chainsaw Kickback Zone

The area that you would expect your chainsaw to kick is at the upper quarter of the nose. This is called the "kickback zone". Some electric chainsaws that are used for domestic or home use have a special tip made of metal or plastic put on this part of the saw. They are not used very often though because "tip protector" hampers with the operation and capabilties of the saw.

One or two things to do to stop your chainsaw from kicking is to make sure that it is sharpened correctly, make sure that the proper guide bar and chain is fitted to your chain saw, make sure that the correct tension is on the chain. A quick way to judge this is to tension your chain until you are just able to raise the chain off the guide bar about one quarter or half of one inch. Making these couple of adjustments could prevent you from receiving serious injury.

Ultimately reducing kickback in your chainsaw further will boil down to correct operator training. Although chain saw kickback is a very common danger to a chainsaw operator, you should take into consideration working conditions, the operators competence and many other factors.