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Which Chainsaw Bar Oil?

How do you know which is the best chainsaw bar oil for your chainsaw? Most likely when you purchase a chainsaw you are supplied with an amount of oil that will let you fell a fair amount of trees. But what about when you run out, then you will have to go to your local chainsaw dealer to buy replacement chainsaw oil. What you are looking for is a synthetic oil, something like Amsoil saber pro at a mix ratio of 50:1, in my opinion this is the way to go. This oil is suited for high preformance chainsaws and powertools. Or another favourite option of mine is Oregon,s 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil - Quart It consists of a highly sticky compound that prevents the chain from coming off the bar, even in adverse weather conditions.

So where do you find good chainsaw oil. Your local Home Depot store is a good place to start. You can find them all over the United States. They sell Echo chainsaw oil, which is pretty good stuff. Echo has JASO FC rated oil, and Echo Power Blend is JASO FD rated oil.

The other palce to get good chainsaw oil are motor bike shops. Motorcycle shops here have a lot of types of oil. Many motorcycles are still designed with two stroke engines, and they share the same heat and running conditions as chainsaws do. What you want to look out for is a good 100% synthetic two stroke oil, JASO FC or FD rated. You can use something like Klotz and RedMax but they can be really expensive, something like $100 a gallon. They are both rated FD though. You can also use Motul 700 2T which is good stuff, rated FC, but that is more expensive. Elf and Motul also have FD rated oils, as do a lot of other brands. Some have FB rated oils as well.

What about chainsaw bar oil that you should not use? I find that a lot of people use TC-W3 oil. This type of oil is primarily used in water cooled engines that run at a relitvly low RPM. So basicly any oil that you see out there that is TCW related try to avoid it. Having said that your chainsaw will run on it in the short term but long term stay away from it. One other thing you never do is put waste oil in your chainsaw, this is a sure way of destroying your bar and chain.