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Stihl Chain Saw Reviews - All New Models

There is a great scarcity online for quality Stihl chain saw reviews. There are several small, one paragraph review-like posts, but very, very few of these are truly informative. Every version of every chain saw needs to be documented - and documented well. These have to separate from official Stihl documents as well - no one needs a Stihl press release in the place of a quality review.

The Andreas Stihl Company has been making chain saws in one form or another for over 80 years. One thing that you can be absolutely sure of regarding Stihl is that they love to manufacture a new model number. Even their founder, Andreas Stihl, waited only three years after he invented the first electric chain saw before he unveiled his new version, the gas powered chain saw in 1929.

In 2001, Stihl did the unthinkable, and they revamped their entire modeling system. Now when a logger went into a local dealer to purchase a beloved 026, they were instead shown to the MS 260. Same chain saw, new model number designation. This of course created a bit of turmoil at the time. It also created an easily definable date for separating Stihl chain saws into the older models and the newer models.

Are you looking for old stihl model chainsaw reviews?

As a side note, the "MS" in the new chain saw model number simply stands for "Motor Schlagen" which is German for "chain saw." They are simply saying that the old 036 is now "chain saw" 360 - which became the MS 361, which became the MS 362, which is now also available as the MS 362 C-Q. (Stihl just loves a new model number!)

Of course, each model number and variation thereof needs its own quality chain saw reviews. You simply cannot read a review about the MS 440 and expect to have all the information that you need regarding the MS 441 C-Q Stihl Magnum - and you cannot read a review about the MS 192 in order to find the information for the MS 192 T. Each and every chain saw must have its own review.

Currently, Stihl has broken down their chain saws into five distinct categories:

1. Occasional Use Chain Saws.

This includes the lighter, less powerful chain saws like the MS 170 and the MS 250. These are not intended for professional or extended use. Just home or farm/ranch maintenance and clean up.

Stihl MS 170 chainsaw

Stihl MS 171 - Caring For Nature

Stihl MS 181 chainsaw

Stihl MS 192 C-E chainsaw

Stihl MS 211 chainsaw

Stihl MS 230 chainsaw review

Stihl MS 240 chainsaw review

2. Mid-Range Use Chain Saws.

This category includes the MS 280 which is the number one selling chain saw for Stihl. A mix of serious power and easy handling make the mid-range chain saws the choice for many people.

Stihl MS 280 chainsaw

Stihl MS 290 Most Popular Farm Boss Chain Saw

3. Professional Use Chain Saws.

Professional use chain saws run the gamut from the MS 240 to the MS 880. The MS 260 is one of the most popular Stihl chain saws of all time - it is lightweight and yet can work all day. The MS 880 can take a 59 inch bar and pretty much bring down tall buildings.

Stihl MS 341 chainsaw review

Stihl MS 361 chainsaw

Stihl MS 362 chainsaw - Caring For Nature

Stihl MS 390 chainsaw Farm Boss

Stihl MS 460 chainsaw - Master Gas Powered Chainsaw

Stihl MS 650 chainsaw

Stihl MS 660 chainsaw, considered to be the "battering ram" of tree felling

Stihl MS 880 magnum chainsaw

4. Professional Tree Service Chainsaws.

There are currently only two chain saws in this category, the MS 192 T C-E (the lightest chain saw Stihl makes) and the MS 200 T. The "T" stands for "top handle."

5. Electric Chain Saws.

There are only three electric chain saws in this category at this time, the MSE 140 C-BQ (the second lightest chainsaw Stihl makes), MSE 180 C-BQ, and the MSE 220. The MSE obviously means Electric Chain Saw.

Stihl is not going to stop creating new chain saws. As the technology permits, Stihl is going to continue to manufacture lighter, safer, and more powerful chain saws.

The current push at Stihl is to create "green" chain saws and expect to see more and more of the Stihl "Caring for Nature" seal. These chain saws include advanced engine technology for reduced engine emissions and lower fuel consumption. Expect to see this type of chain saw completely replace all the current chain saw models. This will, of course, create a new need for more Stihl chain saw reviews.